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Rockwell Software's CPG Suite of Applications provides a foundation for deriving value added solutions for CPG Manufacturing.

Opportunities will always exist to improve CPG manufacturing, but there will always be challenges to overcome. Raw material prices will fluctuate and companies will struggle to deliver margins that satisfy investors. While companies cannot control a volatile business climate, there are actions they can take to improve performance and profitability.

CPG Industry Business Drivers

In order to address the demands of CPG manufacturing, Rockwell Automation offers specific software applications that address four key industry challenges:

  • Increase Yield & Reduce Losses - Make more finished goods with less raw material while reducing the losses associated in manufacturing.
  • Improve First Pass Quality - Ensure the finished good is made right the first time ensuring least cost and product quality.
  • Reduce Production Costs - Leverage the most of your fixed and variable manufacturing assets including materials, machinery efficiency, manpower, and total energy spend to support your sustainability efforts
  • Enhance Product Safety - Provide dependable manufactured goods that help protect your brand.

Rockwell Software CPG Industry Suite of Applications:

Rockwell Software's CPG Suite is comprised of 5 industry specific applications that collectively address the unique needs of CPG Manufacturers. Each application provides value onto itself or, can be deployed together to address more challenging solutions.

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Value-Driven Information for Manufacturing

CPG Factory

In the CPG manufacturing environment, there is a significant amount of plant floor paperwork that contains data which collectively could contribute to great achievements in manufacturing.

Value driven information supplied by the CPG Suite provides a platform for continuous improvement through:

  • Effective collection of contextualized data.
  • Production specific machine, site and enterprise level dashboards,
  • User role specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and reports.

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