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Quality Management Application

Delivers a comprehensive manufacturing quality program that greatly enhances quality processes and product safety.

The Rockwell Software Quality Management Application delivers a comprehensive program that includes creation and management of quality sampling plans, in-line and off-line testing, net content control, quarantine and comprehensive reporting.

Application capabilities include:

  • Production Context - Understand the relationship between the quality of a product and the conditions in which it was manufactured.
  • In-Line Testing - Support the creation and execution of quality control testing from planning through production, including testing definitions, execution timing for tests, and expected data set results.
  • Sampling Plans - Centralized sampling facilitates that best practices are adhered to and become part of the system of record.
  • Net Content Control Monitors the packaging of weight, volume or units of goods to meet specifications and legal compliance.
  • Quality Lab Testing - Information and records from post-production quality tests are correlated to in-line testing and production data.
  • Quality Hold/Quarantine - Hold shipments until the product has been certified that it meets customer and quality specifications.

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Value-Driven Information for Manufacturing

The Quality Management Application provides:

  • Dashboards and reports specific to a machine, site or enterprise level
  • Delivery of contextual quality data to streamlines the quality process
  • Increase first pass quality, yield improvements and reduce scrap and product variability.


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