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Performance Management Application

Improve plant and enterprise operations through better information and management of production assets, materials and labor

The Rockwell Software Performance Management Application enables manufacturers to increase enterprise productivity and reduce costs by using plant assets, materials and labor more efficiently. This is accomplished through real-time communication of operational KPIs and review and analysis of production performance and losses.

Application capabilities include:

  • Process Order Management - Create process orders and provide for optimum planning of each order.
  • Performance Monitoring - Collect faults and production counts automatically from the control system or manually from production line operators.
  • OEE Calculations and Loss Analysis Transform shop floor data collection into hourly summaries of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and losses.
  • Application Configuration and Administration - IExcel file nterfaces are provided to import several aspects of its configuration including plant model reason codes and material definitions.
  • Application Interfaces - Support preferred integration with Rockwell Automation's ControlLogix platform using ControlLogix User Defined Data Type (UDT).

Download an Application Profile here

Value-Driven Information for Manufacturing

User access to the Performance Management application is through a 'thin client' dashboard via Internet Explorer and is fully configurable based on role type. Standard dashboards and reports include:

  • KPIs of the production line asset rolled up across the enterprise for:
    • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
    • Production, quality and availability
    • Root cause analysis
  • 13 site level reports for all information (event, state, performance) by:
    • Enterprise, site, and production line level dashboards
    • Shift or time base
    • Process order


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