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Manufacturing Operations Platform

Better manage performance of your plant leveraging Industry Solutions built on Rockwell Automations' over 100 years experience in the CPG industry

Rockwell Software's CPG Suite is built upon the industry proven ProductionCentre Manufacturing Operations Platform (MOP) which couples ERP and plant floor Integration, production execution, data store, analytics and dash board capability.

ProductionCentre - Is an enterprise-wide plant information software solution that drives manufacturing excellence. Converting day-to-day operations data into on-demand business knowledge enables unprecedented manufacturing flexibility.

High level capabilities of the Manufacturing Operations Platform include:

  • Application Server - Supplies application support for all industry specific applications including execution, plant floor & ERP message handling, client access and data storage & retrieval messaging.
  • Integrator - A message bus technology that synchronizes the flow of business processes across the boundary between business systems and ProductionCentre which provides the ability to link contextually relevant data across a disparate information/technical landscape
  • Dashboard Server - Provides advanced ETL of data from the Productioncentre database into a DataMart containing advanced analytics in support of KPI calculation. KPI results can be displayed on either a supplied web server or integrated into a business intelligence platform such as FactoryTalk VantagePoint or Microsoft Sharepoint for additional root cause analysis
  • Database - Each site can contain both a real-time production database for application access as well as an Operational Data Store for report retrieval and querying. Each database provides support for ETL into the dashboard server Datamart for normalizing and KPI Calculation.
  • FactoryTalk - The application supports preferred integration with Rockwell Automation's ControlLogix platform using a defined ControlLogix User Defined Data Type (UDT) and is fully compatible woth FactoryTalk services.

The Technology Advantage - Designed to leverage existing networks and systems, ProductionCentre uses a three tier J2EE architecture that operates independent of the operating system on Windows, Solaris, or Linux. This approach optimizes access to real-time data, while improving performance of operational knowledge stores and analysis functions. It is a flexible, secure and scalable system for a single site or an entire, multi-site enterprise. Some key benefits include:

  • Each site maintains its own data.
  • Enterprise roll-up maintains site ID data.
  • Reporting at site or enterprise level-or both.

Load balancing and clustering support with the application server at each site.


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